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TAST Productions LLC. is an independent music and visual arts company.

We specialize in Music Production,  videography,

Short Film Documentaries

and Publishing.

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To innovate and create a world changing movement to unite all people.

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TAST Productions was established in 2012 and works with independent creators within various arts, to assist in sharing their artistic stories.


To produce a wave of visual art, musicality and revolutionize resources that will forever impact the world. 


  • We create original compositions for any genre of music.  ​

  • Collaborate with  singer/songwriters and teach writer content, song structure and formatting for your project.

  • Mixing, Mastering  and Publishing rights for ownership of your content.

  • Develop a sound that conveys the story within visual concepts.

videography, infomercials and documentaries

  • Poetic: 

       Focuses on experiences           and images to create a             feeling rather than a               truth.

  • Expository: 

       Aims to persuade and                 inform through                           narration.

  • Observational:

       Cinema Verité style                     which simply observes               the world.

  • Participatory:

       Includes the filmmaker           and influences actions           of the narrative.

  • Reflexive:

       Focuses solely on the               act of making the film.

  • Performative: 

       Uses subject experience           to share an emotional             response.

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